Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heaters 1.5Kw To 40Kw
Heat from infra-reds heaters is virtually instantaneous, making them ideal for open spaces and building appliactions. Infra-red heaters do not require oxygen, so ventilation is not required. No exhaust gases are produced, so there Is no build up of smells, fumes or water vapor as with paraffin or LPG Heaters. Infra-red heaters do not contain a fan, making them draught free, they have no naked flame and are silent in operation. This means they are a ideal choice for areas open to the public. Easy to use, there is no unexpected and inconvenient changing of gas bottles or messy topping up of fuel tanks. Infra-Red heating technology is very easy to live with and can be moved quickly and easily around a building.


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