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Friday 24 November 2023

The MeacoWall Dehumidifier, Aiding Moisture Removal, Comfort and Efficiency for Various Industries


The MeacoWall Dehumidifier, Aiding Moisture Removal, Comfort and Efficiency for Various Industries


Are you tired of humidity wreaking havoc in your home, office or require a controlled humidity for a industrial or manufacturing space? Do you need a solution that not only tackles moisture-related issues but does so quietly and efficiently? Look no further than the ultra-quiet MeacoWall  dehumidifier, a sleek and powerful innovation that's making waves across diverse industries. Here is why it's a must-have and how it can transform your environment while operating quietly and discreetly in the background.


Unobtrusive Elegance, The MeacoWall Dehumidifier:

The MeacoWall dehumidifier is more than just a moisture-controlling device; it's a stylish, functional, and efficient system which comes in a stunning black or white glass finish making it an attractive addition to any space, ensuring it seamlessly blends into the aesthetics of your environment. But beneath the elegant exterior lies cutting-edge technology designed to enhance your quality of life.

Silent Efficiency with a DC Motor:

In environments where silence is golden, the MeacoWall truly shines. Equipped with a DC motor, it operates with unparalleled quietness, ensuring minimal disturbance in residential and office settings. This advanced technology also translates into remarkable energy efficiency, saving you money on your energy bills while keeping your surroundings comfortable.

Compact and Space-Saving Design:

The MeacoWall's slim profile, with a depth of only 202mm, means it takes up significantly less space compared to other wall-mounted dehumidifiers. This minimal intrusion into your room's layout ensures that your space remains uncluttered and open, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

Whisper-Quiet, High-Performance Moisture Control:

One of the standout features of the MeacoWall is its exceptional moisture-extraction capabilities. Despite its hushed operation, this dehumidifier can extract a whopping amount of moisture per day (model dependant), ensuring that humidity-related issues become a thing of the past. Even at lower temperatures, down to 10°C, it can still extract moisture at 80% relative humidity. This range comes in 55, 72 and 108 models, in more common conditions such as those found in swimming pool areas (30°C and 80% RH), it performs at its maximum capacity, removing 55, 72 and 108 litres of moisture daily respectfully.

Effortless Installation and Drainage:

Installing the MeacoWall couldn't be easier. Simply mount the included wall bracket, then hang the dehumidifier securely in place. Drainage options are flexible, with the choice of directing water flow from either the back left or back right using a 16mm diameter hose. This simplicity ensures that you can have your dehumidifier up and running in no time.

Versatile Applications Across Industries:

Now, let's take a look at the diverse array of industries and settings where the MeacoWall dehumidifier can be found:

  1. Home: Keep your living spaces comfortable and mold-free.
  2. Office: Ensure a productive and pleasant working environment.
  3. Commercial Spaces: Preserve inventory and maintain customer comfort.
  4. TV Production: Control humidity on set for optimal equipment performance.
  5. Industrial Facilities: Protect equipment and maintain a safe working environment.
  6. Hospitals: Create hygienic conditions for patient well-being.
  7. Schools & Universities: Foster a conducive learning environment.
  8. Laboratories: Maintain precise conditions for experiments.
  9. Data Centers: Ensure data integrity and equipment longevity.
  10. Retail Stores: Preserve merchandise quality and customer comfort.
  11. Hospitality Industry: Enhance guest experiences in hotels and resorts.
  12. Transportation Industry: Control humidity in vehicles, stations, and facilities.
  13. Aviation Industry: Protect aircraft components and passenger comfort.
  14. Marine Industry: Prevent moisture damage on ships and boats.
  15. Agricultural Industry: Safeguard crops and equipment in storage.
  16. Car Showrooms: Keep vehicles in showroom condition.
  17. Elderly Care Homes: Create a comfortable and healthy living environment.
  18. Gyms: Prevent mold and discomfort in fitness centers.
  19. Scientific: Ensure precise conditions in research facilities.
  20. Schools & Universities: Protect valuable educational assets.
  21. Transport for London Infrastructure: Maintain optimal conditions in the tube system, overground network, and rail system.


The MeacoWall dehumidifier range are a silent work horse that can transform your living or work space, no matter the industry or setting. It's quiet operation, energy efficiency, and sleek design make it the ideal choice for those who demand both performance and style. Say adiós to moisture-related headaches and hello to a comfortable, healthy environment. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make the MeacoWall your humidity control solution for your next project. Act now and experience the difference for yourself. Let the MeacoWall elevate your surroundings to new heights of comfort and efficiency.


View the range here:

The MeacoWall  Dehumidifier, Aiding Moisture Removal, Comfort and Efficiency for Various Industries






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Created 24/10/23

Thursday 2 November 2023

Lift Your Home's Warmth with Classic Elegance and Discover the Charm of Multi-Fuel Stoves


In modern interiors, where sleek designs often overshadow timeless elegance, classically designed stoves stand out as enduring symbols of warmth and sophistication and in some cases are an essential heat source. As autumn leaves begin to fall and winter looms, the search for a perfect heating solution comes to mind. Adaptive homeowners seek efficient, aesthetically pleasing and reliable sources of warmth that seamlessly blend the traditional of old times heating system and contemporary living. Enter the realm of classic multi-fuel stoves, where history and innovation converge to curate an unparalleled experience.


Understanding Your Space: The Key to Perfect Heating 

Before delving into the exquisite world of stoves, it's imperative to understand the heating demands of your space. Achieving a cosy ambiance of around 21ºC demands careful calculation. A simple rule of thumb is that for every 14 cubic meters of space, you need approximately 1 kW of heat output. Measure your room, calculate the volume (height x width x length), and divide by 14 to find the ideal stove capacity. Factors such as insulation, window size and construction age can influence these calculations but it works as a good rule of thumb.

The Allure of Classic Design, Where Timeless Aesthetics Meets Modern Ingenuity:

Classically designed stoves, such as the "Regal IV", exemplify craftsmanship and elegance. With a cast-iron body adorned in heat-resistant black paint, these stoves emanate a timeless aesthetic, evoking images of grandeur reminiscent of period homes. Such stoves are designed not just as appliances, but as focal points that enhance the charm of any living space.


 "Regal IV", exemplify craftsmanship and elegance


Eco-Design Ready: A Commitment to Efficiency and Sustainability:

In a time that rightly demands environmental consciousness, our stoves are aligned with the commitments made by the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA). Designed to be clean and efficient, these stoves boast lower emissions, ensuring that your pursuit of warmth doesn't come at an environmental cost.

Multifaceted Functionality: Tailoring Warmth to Your Needs:

 Multi-fuel stoves are synonymous with flexibility. The ability to burn various fuels, coupled with adjustable air control, ensures a customizable heat output. Features like the riddling grate and ash pan facilitate easy cleaning, while the air wash system maintains a clear glass front, allowing the full spectacle of dancing flames to mesmerize and soothe.

Compliance and Safety: A Priority:

Adhering to BS/EN13240 and CE standards, our classically designed stoves prioritize safety without compromising style. Installation in specialized environments, such as barges or boats, complies with stringent standards like BS 8511:2010, ensuring reliability wherever you call home.

Multi Fuel Stoves are a highly efficient solid fuel appliance with CE and HETAS approvals

Classically designed stoves are masterpieces that encapsulate tradition, efficiency, and functionality. By understanding the nuances of your space and opting for a classic multi-fuel stove, you invite not just warmth, but a timeless piece of art into your home. In a market awash with fleeting trends, the enduring charm of these multi fuel stoves promise to be a perennial favourites among discerning homeowners looking for a stylish, and warm choice this winter. 


Let the flames of a classic stove illuminate your space with grace and elegance, take a look at our range today:


  1. Clarke 6909901 Regal IV Black Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove 7.9Kw/30000Btu
  2. Clarke 6909902 Barrel III Black Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove 5Kw/18000Btu
  3. Clarke 6909950 Chesterford Eco-Design Black Cast Iron Wood & Coal Burning Stove 17000Btu/4.6Kw
  4. Clarke 6910115 Thames Travel Barge Castiron Black Cast Iron Wood & Coal Burning Stove 14000Btu/4Kw
  5. Clarke 6910125 Richmond Black Cast Iron Wood & Coal Burning Stove 30000Btu/9Kw
  6. Clarke 6910132 WENTWORTH II Black Cast Iron Wood/Smokeless Coal Burning Stove 18000Btu/5Kw
  7. Clarke 6910134 Buckingham II Black Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove 5Kw/18000Btu
  8. Clarke 6910139 Eton II Large Black Steel Wood Contemporary Burning Stove 34000Btu/10Kw
  9. Clarke 6910108 Victoria II Cast Iron Eco Design Multi Fuel / Wood Stove 5Kw/18000Btu



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