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Daikin Industries, Ltd. announces the establishment of the Technology and Innovation Center

Daikin Industries, Ltd. announces the establishment of the Technology and Innovation Center (floor area: approx. 58,000 m2; hereinafter referred to as "TIC") at its Yodogawa Plant (Settsu City, Osaka Prefecture). The facility is intended as a technology development base where air conditioning and chemical researchers work closely with product development engineers from various company divisions, and the disciplines of mechanical and chemical engineering are integrated with the fields of electrical and electronic engineering. Construction of the center begins in May 2011 at an investment cost of approximately 30 billion yen. Operation is scheduled to start from November 2014.

Because Daikin is rapidly expanding its worldwide presence in the fields of air conditioning and fluorochemicals centering on emerging markets, the ability to launch timely products to meet the specific needs of each regional market becomes the key for further growth of the company.

For this reason, clarifying priorities and roles for a wide-range of research and development themes becomes essential. Consequently, even as Daikin continues to strengthen the "local R&D function" that discerns and incorporates local needs, Daikin also recognizes the necessity to have one place (TIC) for concentrating on themes that have universal applications and greatly contribute to the overall global business, including core and common technologies, so that results can be quickly generated.

On this background emphasizing the development of core and common technologies along with maintaining base model products, the TIC will serve as the primary facility of the Daikin Group for promoting global technology development and achieving innovations through "development of global No. 1 environmental technologies," "surviving in the forthcoming decades," and "challenging destructive innovation of heat pump technology that has progressed for 100 years."

By concentrating approximately 1,000 R&D personnel (to increase to 1,600 employees in the future) from three bases in Japan (each production base of Sakai, Shiga, and Yodogawa), Daikin intends to promote information sharing and communication in order to widen the efficiency of and increase speed in the development of core technology such as heat pump, inverter, and fluorochemicals.

Furthermore, the TIC will function as a "training ground" for overseas engineers to learn shared values and ways of R&D of Daikin. It will also serve as a venue encouraging exchanges between fellow engineers from various fields inside and outside the company and promote "open innovation," which is generated from the fusion of new technology and knowledge, as Daikin sets its sights on realizing "collaborative creation" innovation.

[Special Characteristics of TIC]
The TIC employs a "knowledge flow structure" which circulates people, knowledge and information, and is comprised by three functional zones: "Theme Execution Zone," "Theme Creation Zone," and "Open Zone."

(1) Theme Execution Zone: describes a large stadium-like layered office space where 1,000 engineers can be seated and "testing rooms adjacent to the office that are visible by glass walls." This zone also provides test facilities with the world's highest standard.

The aim is to promote communication and collaboration among engineers by enabling openness of ongoing developments and minimizing the distance between the office and laboratory to accelerate optimum development speed.

(2) Theme Creation Zone: aims for innovative creation generated by engineers inspired by information from within and outside the company and becoming absorbed in discussions with engineers from other fields and outside specialists. For this purpose, the TIC provides various types of discussion rooms and rooms for invited outside specialists. By providing a good balance for communication between users, space for concentration of individual engineers, this zone offer a collaboration-suited environment that facilitates the creation of new research and development themes.

(3) Open zone: promotes open innovation with those outside the company with a "showroom" where exhibition of Daikin technologies offer solution ideas to various kinds of visitors (e.g customers and academic researchers), a "forest of knowledge" where exhibition of the latest technologies (e.g. in house prototypes and new outside products encourage engineers and researchers to discuss freely on technological trends.) , and a large hall where 1,600 engineers can assemble and be inspired by innovative ideas from presentation of outside specialists.

[Test facilities serving as the world's highest standard]
TIC aims for "world's highest technology development environment" by providing test facilities constructed to the highest global standard as core facilities for technology development."

"Air conditioning (VRV) testing tower with the altitude difference of 100m"
[To lead the world in air conditioning testing]
• Product reliability is expected to improve by reproducing actual installation conditions for air conditioning by having the highest tower in Japan to perform height differential testing for building type multi air conditioners (VRV).

The environment chamber capable of simulating various environments found in the regional markets (outside air temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +60ºC, sunlight, wind, rain, and similar conditions) and environment testing room that authentically reproduces the conditions of an actual residence. [World-leading]
• It is a major global facility for an air conditioner manufacturer. Testing with simulation of actual installation conditions of each regional market contributes to improved product reliability. Furthermore, Daikin will be able to promote actual verification and testing of renewed spatial value creation by enabling testing of an entire residence.

"An anechoic chamber where electromagnetic noise of indoor and outdoor units are measured at the same time in order to meet noise regulations of each regional market" [First in Japan]
• A double-deck turntable enables to measure noise levels of indoor and outdoor units at the same time, which leads to meet the needs of regional market.


[Summary of Technology and Innovation Center]
1) Facility Summary: Technology and Innovation Center
Floor area: approx 58,000m2 contained in a 5-story building constructed on site area of 50,000 m2
2) Facility Structure: office building, testing building, and general affairs building
3) Location: Settsu City, Osaka Prefecture (within existing Yodogawa Plant)
4) Purpose: To improve product development efficiency by centralizing the technology development function and create innovative products through technology fusion activities.
5) Opening schedule: November 2014
6) Investment: approx. 30 billion yen
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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wholesaler HRP is to open an Olympic Trade Centre based in Orient Way

Refrigeration and air conditioning supplies wholesaler HRP is to open an Olympic Trade Centre based in Orient Way, just off the A12, a key London access route.

This 5,000 sq ft. Trade Centre is ideally situated to serve contractors going into or coming out of London and is close to the London 2012 Olympic site.
Mandy Pilgrim, group managing director comments: "The opening of this new HRP Trade Centre will help our customers to capitalise on the growth and investment opportunities associated with the Olympics. This extensive area is undergoing regeneration, including hotels, restaurants, support businesses, and many new build projects. The demand for refrigeration and air conditioning systems, plus the extensive range of components and fit-out accessories available from HRP will be a key part of the new Trade Centre activities.
"The new facility will also allow us to better support our large local customer base, providing them with a convenient one-stop-shop which holds a vast range of supplies."
Headquartered in Bury St Edmunds, HRP has service centres in the following locations: Bedford, Birmingham, Bristol, Bury St Edmunds, Fareham, Glasgow, Leeds, Merton, Newcastle, Norwich, Sheffield, Slough, Southampton, Swanley, Walthamstow and Warrington.

Space Air launch new look website for 2011

Space Air launch new look website

Space Airconditioning plc, has re-launched online with a new site designed to be easier to read and navigate. The site contains information about Daikin's heat recovery ventilation VAM units, details of the Part F building regulations and explains why ventilation is necessary.

Mark Houghton, commercial director of Space Air Solutions, said: "There is an increasing awareness of the importance of ventilation in our homes. Better levels of insulation have reduced our heating bills but this can also contaminate our indoor air quality. Reducing the circulation of oxygen, leads to a potential build-up of pollutants such as carbon monoxide from gas cookers, vapour from paint, and house dust mites, causing mould and fungus problems. Simply opening windows is not the best answer."

Mr Houghton continued: "The site shows the visitor that Space Air has been the one stop Daikin shop, since 1980. We provide the Daikin heat recovery ventilation unit (VAM) and all necessary components for a complete installation, and optional weather proofing if required."

The website redesign has taken on the same style as so that the residential consumers can relate the branding with 'Space Air Solutions', a subsidiary of Space Air plc.

For more detailed information visit:

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Rooftop Air conditioning / Roof Air conditioning

Rooftop Air conditioning Roof Air conditioning Units World-wide models

Kyocera Solar Panel: Multi-crystal Kyocera solar panels

Kyocera Solar Panel: Multi-crystal Kyocera solar panels

BP Solar Panel: High Performance Multicrystalline PV panel

BP Solar Panel: High Performance Multicrystalline PV panel

Ying-Li Solar Panels: Quality and cost competitive photovoltaic (PV) modules

Ying-Li Solar Panels: Quality and cost competitive photovoltaic (PV) modules

Rutland 913 Wind Powered Water Pump Complete Installation Kit

Rutland 913 Wind Powered Water Pump Complete Installation Kit

Hornet 1000 watt wind turbine (12v / 24v / 48v / 60v / 120v) Super-Core PMA Technology (Permanent Magnet) High Output

Hornet 1000 watt wind turbine (12v / 24v / 48v / 60v / 120v) Super-Core PMA Technology (Permanent Magnet) High Output

Boat Wind Turbine Kit Rutland 504 wind turbine 60 watt 12V (Marine Applications)

Boat Wind Turbine Kit Rutland 504 wind turbine 60 watt 12V (Marine Applications)

Wind Turbines and Installation Kits

Wind Turbines and Installation Kits

Panasonic Air Conditioning: Panasonic the international leader in wall air conditioning

Panasonic Air Conditioning: Panasonic the international leader in wall air conditioning

Hitachi air conditioning's solar-powered air conditioning system

HITACHI is the latest company to join the drive for solar-powered air conditioning. Hitachi group subsidiary Hitachi Plant Technologies Ltd has is reported to have developed a solar activated air conditioning system employing its own solar energy collector.

The system will be promoted for use in commercial buildings or district cooling facilities in the sunshine belts of the Mediterranean, the interior of North America, Western Asia, and Australia. The company is predicting sales of up to £40m by 2015.

Hitachi Plant Technologies has considerable experience in a wide range of plants employing solar energy for power and heating.

This system is designed to drive an absorption chiller directly with thermal energy generated from the solar energy collector to obtain chilled water for air conditioning. As the key to this system, Hitachi Plant Technologies developed its own sun-tracking parabola trough-type solar energy collector.

Blue Star, has announced the launch of a new range of eco-friendly and energy efficient Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Air conditioning System

Central air conditioning and commercial refrigeration major, Blue Star, has announced the launch of a new range of eco-friendly and energy efficient Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Airconditioning Systems using the Inverter technology.

A VRF system is a sophisticated centralized airconditioning system that cools large multi-zone spaces with varying heating and cooling needs through intelligent controls. This results in tremendous power savings as the system is smart enough to know where to cool, and when. Many modern establishments having multi zones such as sophisticated offices, hotels, premium residential properties and hospitals are opting for VRF Airconditioning systems because of the flexibility of control and significantly lower electricity billsIn VRF Airconditioning Systems, there are two popular technologies based on the compressor, namely Digital Scroll and Inverter. Blue Star has been offering VRF Airconditioning Systems with Digital Scroll technology since 2008. However, the Company realized that it is not addressing the needs of customers who prefer the Inverter technology. Considering that the VRF AC system segment is on a fast-growth path, the Company thought it prudent to launch VRF Systems with Inverter technology in addition to Digital Scrolls in order to address the entire universe of customers. Thus, with this new range of inverter-based systems, the Company will be able to offer both the technologies to its customers.
The new range of Inverter-based VRF Airconditioning Systems is being offered in partnership with Gree, China. Gree is China's leading airconditioning designer and manufacturer and has over 1000 installations of its VRF Inverter Airconditioning systems across the world. The units being offered are currently part of the latest fourth generation Inverter technology.

The new range being launched can support a wide range of 70 indoor units with up to 500 m of refrigerant piping, amongst the highest in its class. These units can operate in a wide range of 7oC to 48oC and offer both cooling and heating options. It boasts of intelligent microprocessor-based controllers at multi levels – an all encompassing centralized PC-controlled system for the entire installation; zone-wise control and individual unit control through the respective remotes. It incorporates the eco-friendly R410A refrigerant and offers tremendous energy savings thanks to its capacity variation in 1% steps from 10 to 100% of rating.

According to Mr B Thiagarajan, President, Airconditioning & Refrigeration Products Group, Blue Star Limited, “Blue Star is a market leader in the central airconditioning segment catering to both corporate as well as commercial requirements. With the launch of our Inverter-based VRF Airconditioning Systems, we now have the entire spectrum of VRF systems to cater to all customer demands and are in a position to further consolidate our leadership position in the central airconditioning business.”

Rutland Furlmatic 1803 Wind Turbine 750W

The FM1803-2 Furlmatic Windcharger is a powerful battery charging turbine that is perfect for off-grid homes, farm buildings, telemetry stations, telecom sites, radio/TV transmitter stations, security camera systems, rural clinics, expeditions, military field applications, poultry sheds and many more situations where power is needed at isolated places.

The FM1803-2 Furlmatic can be used "stand-alone" or in conjunction with solar panels and/or a diesel generator to create your own complete power system. You can use the power at low voltage, 12V or 24V, or connect an inverter to the battery bank to deliver 230V grid type power enabling you to run many typical household appliances. The possibilities are endless, even if you have grid power an FM1803-2 can reduce your dependence on the grid and unlike grid-connect wind turbines this system ensures that if there's a power cut you will still have independent power for some essentials.
Marlec has a policy and culture of continuous improvement and so the current model is the 3rd generation of our 1.8m diameter turbine since it's launch in 1988. Improvements adopted over the lifetime have been:
Key Product Features:
Power production at 10m/s (22mph) increase from 250W to 340W, that's nearly a 40% power increase
Shape and styling have developed at each generation, the latest 3 bladed design is super smooth
Aerofoil blades that have been adapted and improved
Marlec's turbine designs are extremely efficient. They achieve energy conversion factors at around the theoretical limit across the wide range of windspeeds.
AC Power Transmission Feature
High power 3 phase AC (alternating current) is transmitted from the wind turbine to the controller and battery bank
This allows the wind turbine to be located at an optimal site or position to capture the wind whilst not compromising on power transmission losses over long distances
This further minimises the cost of transmission cables which would be more costly if DC power were transmitted over a great distance
Our own unique and purpose designed Rutland low friction, flywheel type generator is incorporated into the FM1803-2 design
This keeps the turbine spinning when other wind generators stall between gusts of wind
Overall this delivers more Ampere hours of power per day especially in low to average windspeeds
The alternator’s windings and magnets are encapsulated in glass fibre so are sealed from the elements and the harshest weather conditions
Charges at wind speeds as low as 3m/s (6-7mph) – just a gentle breeze
This means more time is spent generating power giving you a faster return on your investment
Generates 36 Watts @ 5m/s (11mph) 414 Watts @ 11m/s and up to 750 Watts peak
Automatic "furling" tail system
Activates at 15m/s (33 mph/53 kph) to automatically slow and protect the turbine in high winds
Moves the turbine at an angle to the prevailing wind, allowing the turbine to slow down, while continuing to produce power
Reduces stress on the wind generator and tower in high winds
Electronic MPC1 Controller is included with the turbine. It's key features and functions are:
It optimises turbine power output by matching power ratios with windspeed
It converts the turbine's AC power to DC, so you can locate the turbine where windflow is best – yet use the power a distance away
MPC1 Controller provides overcharge protection which shuts down the turbine when the batteries are full saving on unnecessary wear
It has a digital display of battery volts, power output and modes of operationand is available in 12 volt or 24 volt versions

1.8m diameter turbine of 3 glass re-inforced aerofoil blades
Finely balanced, aerodynamic aerofoil blades are injection moulded. This makes them lightweight, durable and very smooth running.
Our 3 blade design turbine is very quiet in operation, you will hear only a soft swishing sound when it's windy.
Our turbine blades are very efficient at converting the wind into power you can use.
Designed to mount on an 81mm internal diameter tube.
Outside diameter 91mm for top 20cm section which may then increase to a suitable larger diameter depending on the tower height and design.
All products are built and tested to the highest standards and our committment to this was demonstrated when we became the first small wind turbine manufacturer in the world to achieve ISO 9001 status over 10 years ago.

Arab Islamic Bank in Irbid has Multi V Systems, the latest commercial air conditioning innovation from LG air conditioning

Multi V Systems, the latest commercial air conditioning innovation from LG Electronics, to be installed at the Arab Islamic Bank in Irbid, according to an agreement recently signed by Shami & Hyari Engineering & Contracting Co., the complex construction company, and Al-Asalah Electromechanics Co, LG commercial air conditioning agent in Jordan. This fruitful cooperation is part of LG's strategy to expand in the central air conditioning market, especially in systems that better serve the commercial sector, in addition to its keenness to provide products of latest techniques and the highest international quality standards.

GM of Al-Asalah Co., Mr. Issam Samara, and Eng. Ammar Shami, representing Shami & Hyari Co., signed the agreement in presence of the Marketing and Sales Manager, Mr. Hammam Al-Mubaiad, and the Engineering Department Manager, Eng. Iyad Al-Haj from Al-Asalah.

During the signing ceremony, Mr. Samara extended his gratitude to the project's contractors, Al Shami & Hyari Construction Co., the project's consultants, Dumiati and Sha'sha'a engineering office, and to the Arab Islamic Bank. He further pledged to offer better after sale services, through Al-Asalah technical and engineering team who regularly follow up on LG HVAC systems.

LG MULTI V air conditioning systems are perfect for high-rise buildings- up to 100m- with a flair for style. LG MULTI V ART COOLTM inverter is one of the world's largest-capacity units, amounting 64 horse power per unit; it boosts an ultra-efficient VRF system, and the highest level of customer satisfaction with four external units and high quality compressors running by "Inverter" technique which reduces electricity consumption.

This system is also marked for its flexible design, it can operate 64 interior units of different sizes and shapes; not to forget to mention the smooth performance, various operation speeds, the quality air purifying filters and air conditioning switches to maintain the optimum room temperature during the most challenging season changes that can reach to 54c degree in summer and 20c in winter.

LG air conditioning to introduce a multi-million Air Conditioning Academy East Africa

The University of Nairobi has partnered with LG to introduce a multi-million Air Conditioning Academy East Africa.

Launched last week in Nairobi, the half a million US-dollar academy will present a structured channel for imparting advanced knowledge and new expertise in installation and maintenance of air conditioning system.

"The Academy fills an existing gap of training institutions in this field in Africa and will adequately equip professionals in the region with advanced technology in air conditioning," said LG Executive Vice President Teddy Hwang.

"Heating and cooling technology is developing fast and as a result, it is vital that the industry stays up-to-date with the latest developments," said Mr Hwang.

Practical skills

"We hope to promote and develop the skills that the air conditioner, heating and plumbing industries need to stay ahead of the game through the academy."

The LG Air Conditioning Academy will enrol engineers, air conditioning installers, developers, owners, investors and air conditioning salesmen.

Trainees will apply for courses that run for between 1-3 days depending on the subject of the training. Mr Hwang says the academy will admit trainees from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and other parts of Africa.

Mr. Hwang said the LG Air Conditioning Academy would provide the newest product information as well as offers practical ways of learning by providing trainees with actual samples.

LG has established more than 60 similar academies around the world providing innovative, design-oriented and round-the-clock technology for air conditioning professionals.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Planning permission has been granted for the new Humber Gateway Wind Farm

More good news for engineering graduates considering jobs in the renewable energy sector. Planning permission has been granted for the new Humber Gateway Wind Farm, to be sited 8km off the Holderness coast of Yorkshire.

The project will be developed by Humber Wind Limited, a subsidiary of E.ON. It will have up to 77 turbines and generate 230MW, enough to power around 150,000 homes.

This new development follows on from the news reported on recently that jobs in the wind energy sector grew by 91% between 2007/8 and 2009/10.

An E.ON spokesperson told TARGETjobs Engineering: ‘Humber Gateway is the first offshore wind farm to be consented since 2008 – this is not only fantastic news for E.ON but also the industry. We hope that the sector will continue to grow and that graduates will appreciate just how much the energy industry has to offer for the engineers of the future.’

HERTS-based MHI and Fujitsu distributor FMAC Group has merged with its holding company AMP

HERTS-based MHI and Fujitsu distributor FMAC Group has merged with its holding company AMP, the Toshiba distributor and design and technical support group.

The move comes after the combined companies experienced a 30% sales growth last year. A further 15% increase is budgeted for this year.

AMP was established in 1989 when most air conditioning manufacturers preferred sole franchise product distribution. FM was formed as a subsidiary company in 1992 with separate offices and staff, specifically to handle the Fujitsu product range. The two companies were brought together at its current Welwyn Garden City location in 2005.

"Having shared premises, administration and logistics for the last six years, this move is long overdue and welcomed by customers and staff", commented AMP's Polly McConachie, who confirmed that with the merger all three products - Toshiba, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Fujitsu - will be distributed under the AMP brand.
This change is supported by all three manufacturers. "AMP presents the perfect partner to ensure we achieve our growth strategy and raise the profile of the MHI range," commented David Lettis of MHI.

David Dunn of Toshiba said: "AMP are consistent high performers for Toshiba and add much value to our profile in the market. We welcome the addition of the FM salespeople to the AMP team and see this as an opportunity for further growth of the Toshiba product."

"FGE fully supports this merger and are looking forward to working with the enhanced sales team in continuing their excellent support of the Fujitsu product," said FGE's Tim Kaye.

To support the business growth, AMP has opened new offices and training centres in the Midlands and the South West to meet the needs of its customers. This is in addition to the long-established training centre at the head office.

LinTube (Residential / Commercial / Light Industrial) In-line Duct Centrifugal Fan 125mm

LinTube (Residential / Commercial / Light Industrial) In-line Duct Centrifugal Fan 125mm

Includes: Free Fixing Bracket

A compact in-line fan designed for easy installation. This fan has acoustic benefits of a tough plastic casing with the pressure characteristics and velocity output of a metal encased centrifugal fan. With a 125mm inlet duct size this can be used use with rigid ductwork or short length flexible ducting. Air volumes of 220m3/hr. Works in temperature up to 60 DegC and low noise levels of 48Db. 20mm long inlet and discharge spigots allowing easy installation and fixing. Comes with clip on style adjustable mounting bracket which allows the electrical terminal box to be rotated to allow space for adjustment and easy installation of mounting screw fixing.

Insulated 125mm flexible ducting for air conditioning systems. Insulated for heating and cooling applications.

Insulated 125mm flexible ducting for air conditioning systems. Insulated for heating and cooling applications.

Duct Silencer Attenuator Various Diameters with rubber seal

Duct Silencer Attenuator Various Diameters with rubber seal

Pressed and seam welded duct silencer attenuator for ducting systems. Rubber seal for ridged fit and reduction of air loss. This silencer has no baffle. 300mm circumference.

Insulation thickness 50 mm (Ø 80–250)
Insulation thickness 100 mm (Ø 315–800)

Duct wrap roll out insulation is a high quality insulation with noise attenuation properties.

Duct wrap roll out insulation is a high quality insulation with noise attenuation properties. It is ideal for ventilation systems, air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, ridged ducting, building application such as walls, ceilings, lofts, loft eaves and many others. Easy to install with minimum mess.

Duct wrap include high density compact fibre glass insulation, with high insulation qualities to stop condensation forming with the added benefit of high acustic attenuated reflective plastic strip braided aluminium outer silver layer. Duct Wrap comes in two size formats, please select your size from top of page.

Key product Data 25mm Roll:

(17Mx1.20Mx0.0025M) with 24Kg/m3 density fiberglass faced on one side with reinforced aluminium facing. Complies with BS476 part7, Class 1

Key product Data 50mm Roll:

(13Mx1.20Mx0.0050M) with 16Kg/m3 density fiberglass faced on one side with reinforced aluminium facing. Complies with BS476 part7, Class 1

Heat Screen Air Curtain RM125-15-D/Y-A (9kw/30000Btu) 1500mm

The Heat Screen air curtain is easy to install, only requires a single phase power supply and has an integral control system. This makes it ideally suited to small shop entrances, cafés, restaurants, hotels or other public entrances where an overdoor heater is not sufficient but a three-phase air curtain is too expensive.

Key Product Features:

High performance
Economic to run
Three lengths in the range
Single phase power 240V
Remote control operation (see picture)
Fast acting heating elements
Safety overheat protection
3 minute run-on to remove residual heat
One year warranty

Product Technical Data:

Dimensions: L1500mm x H221mm x D183mm
Weight: 22.9kg
Fan power: 300W
Heating power: 9kW
Current: 41A (fused isolator)
Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Air velocity: 6-7m³/h
Air flow: 1,670m³/h
Noise: 65dB
Product code: RM125-15-D/Y-A

Fujitsu AWYZ18-LB Ceiling Wall Mounted Air conditioning (5.2Kw / 17700Btu) Inverter

5.2Kw / 17700Btu Heatpump Inverter Split Type Ceiling Wall mounted Air conditioning System.


A perfect combination of compact wall device and powerful ceiling device
Larger air inlets and outlets with diffuser for improved efficiency
UV light air disinfection
Titanium apatite filter for elimination of odours
Self-cleaning function
Energy-saving thanks to speed-regulated inverter and V-PAM technology
Low-noise operation
Infrared remote control
Automatic filter cleaning and easy maintenance
Automatic restart after power loss

Operation Mode





5,20 (0,9~5,9)

6,70 (0,9~9,7)

Power Consumption




Energy Class (EER) - cooling




Energy Class (COP) - heating




Running Current




Operation Range







Airflow (High)




Net Dimension (H x W x D)


250 x 899 x 298

578 x 790 x 300


kg (lbs)

13,5 (30)

39 (86)

Noise Cooling (H/M/L/Q/SQ)




Drain Pipe Diameter




System Data

Input Power



Moisture Removal



Piping Connections (Small/Large)



Max. Pipe Length (Chargeless)


20 (15)

Max. Heigth difference






Fujistu AUYF12L Compact Cassette Air conditioning ( 3.5 kW / 12000 Btu) Inverter

3.5kW / 12000 Btu Heatpump Inverter Split Type Cassette Air conditioning System.

Efficient distribution of air:
In order to be able to adapt to the shape of the room to be conditioned, the Fujitsu cassette units are able to configure the air impulsion in two, three or four different directions and thus achieve uniform air conditioning.

Air flow direction and auto swing:
The unit can make a sweep using its deflector slats to air-condition the premises more quickly. The direction of the sweep as well as the auto swing function can be selected by using the remote control.

Weekly programming control:
Models with a movable rosette incorporate weekly programming controlthat allows on and off programming up to twice a day.

- Programming of different operating schedules each day.
- On and off programming twice a day.
- Set the time in periods of five minutes.
- Cancellation of operation on a specific day (public holiday)

Product Key Feature's

• CoP 3.02
• Energy saving inverter
• Advanced technology control
• Hard wired controller
• Slim construction
• Pipe runs up to 25 metres
• Noise – 36dBA
• Back-up switch for loss of controller
• Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
• Fault diagnosis
• Auto re-start after power interruption
up to 15 metres pipe length

Technical Data

Cooling capacity kcal/
Heating capacity kcal/
Energy efficiency ratio (E.E.R.)
Power supply v/n /Hz
Power consumption (Cooling/Heating) kW
Starting current A
Running current (cooling/heating) A
Electrical wiring
(O.U) 2x2.5+T
Electrical connection
Noise level unit high dB (A)
Medium dB (A)
Low dB (A)
Noise level outdoor unit dB (A)
Dimensions indoor unit Width mm
580 (650)
Depth mm
580 (650)
Height mm
235 (35) 250
Dimensions outdoor unit Width mm
Depth mm
Height mm
Net weight (Indoor/Outdoor)
Pipe size Inch.
¼” – 3/8”
Pipe length max. (Total/Height) m
Refrigerent Type
Refridgerant charge m
Operating range cooling ºC
Heating ºC

Sanyo Air Conditioner Pdf Free Ebooks (pdf , doc , xls and etc.)

Sanyo Air Conditioner Pdf Free Ebooks (pdf , doc , xls and etc.): "sanyo air conditioner pdf"

Monday, 21 February 2011

Popular selling portable air conditioning units in the UK market

Portable air conditioning is usually used as a temporary way of cooling a event, ,server room, office or workplace. Generally they are cooling only but now they are being configured to go reverse cycle heat pump for markets such as Europe and the UK. Most use conventional fixed speed compressors with R407c or R410a refrigerant gas. The split type portable air conditioning system has a flexible umbilical pipe assembly which connects the inside part of the portable air conditioning unit with the outside unit. The outside part is usually the fan and condensing coil (heat exchanger) and is the hot side of the portable air conditioning system. These systems are effective but generally work out more expensive than mono-block portable air conditioning. The mono-block portable air conditioning unit is a stand alone portable system which has the condensing coil (heat exchanger) integral within the assembly of the unit but separate to the evaporator coil. This portable unit has a flexible duct usually 100mm to 125mm in diameter which expels the hot air to the outside of the building. These systems are a very popular portable air conditioning unit.

Popular selling portable air conditioning units in the UK market:

Prem-i-Air TC8041 (2.3 kW / 8000 BTU) mono-block Mobile Air Conditioning

Portable Air Conditioner EasyAir MPF-12CEN2 (3.5 kW / 12000 Btu)

Portable air conditioning unit RCM4000 (12000 Btu / 3.5 kW) Monoblock Cooling only

Broughton MCM230 7kw (23000 btu) Industrial High Output Portable Air Conditioning 110v/240v

Portable Air Conditioner Titan-Cool TC21 (6.1 kW / 21000 Btu) Industrial unit

Broughton MCM280 8.2kw (28000 btu) Industrial High Output Portable Air Conditioning 110v/240v

Broughton MCM350 10kw / 35000btu Industrial Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Lg air conditioning third-generation of energy-efficient air-conditioners called Tropical Multi V for Qatar Market

Doha: LG air conditioners, the world’s No. 1 room air conditioner manufacturer recently introduced the ‘Green Air Conditioners’ by providing the Qatar market with Wall Mounted Split type with environmental friendly refrigerants—another step toward a greener environment.

Last year LG introduced its line of energy-efficient air-conditioners called Tropical Multi V, which has been found to cut power consumption by 70 percent.

The Tropical Multi V system employs a heat recovery process that can operate both cooling and heating simultaneously, using only one outdoor unit and effectively serving both cost and energy efficiency needs.

Unlike conventional, first and second generation air-conditioners, this third-generation air-conditioner is especially suitable for hotels, hospitals and buildings where space-specific heating/cooling control is essential. LG’s VRF air conditioning, is already contributing towards a greener environment as it operates with R407C refrigerant which is environment friendly.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

LG Air Conditioning saw worldwide sales increase by 50.5% in the last quarter of 2010

LG Air Conditioning saw worldwide sales increase by 50.5% in the last quarter of 2010, compared to the same period in 2009. Full year sales reached $4.2bn, 12.2% higher than 2009.

Significant growth was experienced in Middle East, Africa, Central and South America and stronger overseas commercial ac sales.

The Korean manufacturer also confirmed that it would not be making a bid for US air conditioner manufacturer Goodman Global despite being approached by San-Francisco-based private equity firm Hellman & Friedman. Japanese manufacturer Daikin is still considering making a bid.

British companies behind the development of the first chillers to run on the new "fourth generation" HFO refrigerants

The British companies behind the development of the first chillers to run on the new "fourth generation" HFO refrigerants are forging ahead with their plans despite claims from Danfoss Turbocor that its compressor has not been validated to use with these new gases.

Our story on this ground-breaking development was the talk of this week's ASHRAE conference and AHR show in Las Vegas, with some people there questioning the truth and accuracy of our information.
Doug Bishop, vice-president of sales at Danfoss Turbocor, manufacturers of the oil-less compressor used in the new Turbomiser chiller, told ACR News that his company did not offer an HFO1234ze or 1234yf compressor. But, today, Klima-Therm and Cool-Therm, the British companies who developed the chiller in association with Italian manufacturer Geoclima, stood by the story.
A company statement said: "We understand that Danfoss Turbocor has not yet given an official green light for use of HFOs with Turbocor. However, this is a rapidly developing area, and there is sometimes a lag between those pioneering the application of new technology and those carrying out detailed validation. We believe this will follow in the normal course of events, and that HFOs will become established as a long term viable option for the future."
However, a spokesman for the companies did add that is now thought that HFO1234yf may not be suitable for use with the current generation of Turbomiser machines, due to the particular properties of the refrigerant. He would not be drawn on what these were but said that development work in this area continues.

Metal thieves getting jail for conspiring to release ozone-depleting substances.

IN WHAT is thought to be one of the first such cases of its kind, three thieves in Georgia, USA, convicted of stealing copper coils for scrap from air conditioning units, have pleaded guilty to additional charges of conspiring to release ozone-depleting substances.

The three men, Daniel Arnot, Corey Beard and Justin Joyner, were indicted in June last year on one conspiracy count and 12 counts of releasing R22 into the environment. As reported in ACR News (August 2010), this involved the dismantling of approximately 35 air conditioning units from 14 locations, including a church.

Arnot and Beard could now face millions of dollars in fines and up to 65 years in federal prison. Joyner, who only pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy and releasing ozone-depleting chemicals, faces a maximum jail sentence of 10 years. Sentencing dates have not yet been set. Arnot's wife is awaiting trial on similar charges.

As the price of raw materials rises around the world, thieves are cashing in by stealing metal for scrap. The popularity of air conditioning in the US makes the copper coils in the condensing units particularly attractive to thieves. With copper selling for around $3 a pound in the US, thieves can expect $1.50 a pound from scrap metal merchants.

Sanyo to launch ‘green’ air-conditioners Mon, 14 Feb 2011

Dubai: Mon, 14 Feb 2011

Sanyo Gulf, a subsidiary of Japan-based Sanyo Electric, will launch a new range of air conditioners featuring energy-saving and high coefficient of performance (COP) design and extended operating range.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners: Guaranteed Comfort for the Home

Mitsubishi air conditioning units are available in a huge variety of styles and sizes that would suit the needs and wants of every homeowner. There are some central air conditioning units that look like a large box and is usually set outside of the house and can cool the entire household; and there is also a small window unit that can easily fit a windor and will cool only one room. Furthermore, there are also units that are designed to set on the floor of a room; they work similarly with a space heater, and they can cool up a room without having to utilize the window space.

The main factor that influences the style and the size of the cooling unit of a home is what the homeowner can afford and is willing to spend for. Of course, those smaller window units are available in a cheaper price. HOwever, this unit would only limit the entire family to just stay in one area of the house for them to stay comfortable and cool. There are many choices for central cooling systems which are now more reasonably priced and will cool an entire house.

The cooling units available through Mitsubishi air conditioners are manufactured using high quality internal products. The pieces of these units are mainly produced through stainless steels and can last for 20 or many years more. Lifetime warranties are alreadl available on so many of the whole house cooling units at no additional cost. Smaller warranties, such as five or 10 years, are available for the window units.

These days, so many people are so concerned about their electric bills and this makes them regularly check on the energy efficiency of their cooling units. The cooling systems, which are more expensive and with a higher efficiency, will be rated with Energy Star and will be able to save the homeowner more on their utility bills. These types of cooling units may be a little expensive at the start, but as the time goes on. they will be able to pay and offset for the start – up cost and the upkeep.

With Mitsubishi air conditioners, the in the window units in the 12,000 BTU range will cool a room that is approximately 575 to 675 sq. feet. Although there have already been a lot of reports from homeowners who have attested that a larger size of this type of cooling units can already cool a small one story house. There are some of these types of cooling units have so many different types of features, which would include an automatic restart after a storm, digital displays, energy saver modes and a slide out chassis.

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Daikin air conditioning oil-free centrifugal chiller range for increased energy efficiency and reliability

Daikin Europe N.V. announces the launch of EWWD~FZ, a new centrifugal chiller range that uses oil-free compressors featuring magnetic bearings. This compressor technology not only eliminates the need for oil as lubricant and the associated maintenance and reliability issues, but also contributes to making this range one of the most energy efficient on the market.

Oil-free operation improves reliability and efficiency

Oil-free magnetic bearings allow for a simplified design and increased reliability. Friction is eliminated, as is the need for additional devices such as oil pumps, resulting in reduced maintenance and greater reliability. Vibration and sound levels are also reduced significantly, allowing the units to be used in sound sensitive environments.

The magnetic bearing system and other technologies present in the oil-free compressor make it one of the most efficient compressors on the market today. Moreover, the compressor’s integrated variable frequency drive, together with a flooded type evaporator, provides outstanding partial load efficiency, adding to the energy savings (EER up to 6.0 and ESEER up to 9.60). Integrated soft start functionality also greatly reduces start-up current requirements.

Broad range of industrial applications

The EWWD~FZ range is available in 6 sizes (single circuit, 1 or 2 compressors) with cooling capacities from 320 to 1,050 kW. The units include on-board monitoring and diagnostics, and can be easily integrated with external control systems such as building management systems and sequencing panels. The units are available with a variety of options making them suitable for a broad range of requirements and applications.

Daikin Air-conditioning India today unveiled 20 new models

CHANDIGARH: Daikin Air-conditioning India today unveiled 20 new models here as part of its plans to deepen its market in the country.

"India's air-conditioning market is estimated to grow at a robust compound annual growth rate of 20-25 per cent and Daikin India has all the trappings to become the leader in the growing residential air-conditioning market," said the company's Managing Director Kanwal Jeet Jawa after announcing the launch here today.

He further said Daikin India has allotted 5-6 per cent of the turnover as marketing spend for an aggressive brand awareness campaign to boost the brand impact.

In the first phase, the company aims to target the middle class with its new mid-market pricing strategy, he said.

Currently, the Daikin India manufacturing plant which is located at Neemrana, Rajasthan with an area of 160,000 sq metres. The facility has the capacity to manufacture 20,000 units and 1,800 chillers.

Solar Charge Controller SDCC-5 10A / 12v 24v

Solar Charge Controller SDCC-5 10A / 12v 24v

Wind / Solar Charge Controller SDCC-5 10A / 12v 24v: (PWM) technology to regulate battery voltage to prevent overcharge. This generation of voltage regulation saw the end of the need for bulky heat sinks to dissipate excess energy generated by the windcharger and, more importantly for the lifetime of the windcharger, introduced speed limiting to the turbine when the battery is full.

Key Product Features:

Type - SDCC-10
Rated charge current:10A
Rated load current: 10A
Work voltage: 12V / 24V
Over load, short circuit protection: 1.25 rated load current 60sec, 1.5 rated loads current 5sec, over load protection action. Ý3 Rated load current short circuit protection action.
Quiescent current: 6 mA
Charge circuit voltage drop: 26V
Load circuit voltage drop: 15V
Over voltage protection: 17V; ×2/24V
Work temperature Industry stage: -35 DEGC to +55 DegC Commercial stage -5 DegC to +50DegC
Boost charge voltage: 14.6V; ×2/24V (keep 10min)
Direct charge voltage: 14.4V; ×2/24V (keep 10min)
Float charge voltage: 13.6V; ×2/24V
charge return voltage: 13.2v
Temperature compensation -5mv (Boost charge, Direct charge, Float charge, charge return voltage);
Lower voltage indicate: 12.0V ×2/24V
Over discharge voltage: 11.1V no load- modified voltage by discharge rate of battery ×2/24V
Over discharge return voltage: 13.1 V; ×2/24V
Over-discharge pressed return voltage: 12.4V; ×2/24V
Control mode PWM charge mode; modified discharge voltage by the discharge rate

WATERSTAGE air to water heat pump with enhanced heating performance by Fujitsu Air Conditioning

Purchace soon at

Fujitsu air conditioning entered the market of heat pump type hot water heating system in Europe in March, 2009. In order to further strengthen the business of the heat pump type hot water heating system, we developed the new model of “WATERSTAGE®” with enhanced heating performance at the outdoor temperature -25°C and expanded the product lineup. The low outdoor temperature type will be released early in October.

The hot water heating system is an appliance to heat the room by passing the hot water heated by heat source through the pipe installed in the wall and floor. In Europe, the system to make hot water by burning gas or kerosene is commonly adopted but recently, energy-efficient heat pump type which does not emit CO2 is attracting attention as state-of-the-art technology to restrain the global warming. However, the conventional heat pump type hot water heating system had disadvantage that it can not retain the high hot water temperature and the heating capacity drops under the low outdoor temperature.

The low outdoor temperature compatible type developed this time made it possible to provide hot water of 60°C at low outdoor temperature of -20°C and hot water of 50°C at -25°C by “Linear control injection refrigeration cycle” (*1).

Furthermore, we have achieved the industry's top class(*2) COP(*3) 4.40 by enhancing the energy-saving performance adopting the “high response control” which optimizes the refrigeration cycle corresponding to the operating characteristics of the heat pump type hot water heating system. Thereby, the efficient hot water heating at the low outdoor temperature has been realized.

By adding the new product to the lineup, our company will aim to expand the air conditioning business in various countries in Europe together with air conditioners.

The conventional models are based on the specifications that the upper limit of highest hot water temperature is 50°C and have been sold mainly for newly built houses with high heat insulation efficiency as heat source appliance for low temperature panel heater and floor heating.

However, in order to cope with wide range of needs such as for already built houses with low heat insulation efficiency and cold district, the products which exert high performance under the condition of low outdoor temperature have been demanded.

Key Product features:

1. Realizing high hot water temperature at low outdoor temperature by adopting “linear control injection refrigeration cycle”

In the conventional refrigeration cycle which is commonly adopted, when hot water temperature was made higher, the compressor tended to be overheated and cause machine failure. Therefore, the overheating was suppressed by restraining the capacity of compressor, which caused the problem that the hot water temperature dropped due to the lack of capacity when outdoor temperature dropped.

The “linear control injection refrigeration cycle” realized the high hot water temperature by suppressing the overheating of compressor by cooling the compressor directly with refrigerant (liquid injection cooling) and enhancing the capacity at the low outdoor temperature.

This refrigeration cycle made it possible to provide hot water of 60°C at the outdoor temperature -20°C and hot water of 50°C at -25°C. Compressor for “linear control injection refrigeration cycle”

2. Enhancing energy-saving performance by “high response control” adopting twin sensor. By two sensors (twin sensor), it has become possible to control the refrigeration cycle condition in more detail than conventional models and make waste-free operation corresponding to the heating load.

Thereby, we have achieved the industry's top class(*2) COP(*3) 4.40 and enhanced the energy-saving performance in the actual use.

The Oval Cricket Ground new Sanyo air conditioning heat pump installation

The Brit Oval is the home of Surrey Cricket Club, which has gone through a major redevelopment programme, the OCS Stand was built at a cost of £25m. This stylish and eye-catching new structure replaces the ramshackle collection of old terraces that previously stood at that end of the ground. The new design is a geometrically bold, futuristic curve in white steel that houses (alongside the all-seater terracing) a press centre, broadcasting suite and corporate hospitality facilities. These include an al fresco dining area on the fourth floor that has stunning views of one of the most famous cricket squares in the world. This impressive piece of architecture is the work of the HOK Sport, a practice that specialises in high-profile stadia projects. One of the skills the practice has developed over the years is to seamlessly combine sports and corporate facilities in the same development without compromise in either direction.
Mixed Demands

One of the key building services challenges for the project was to find an air conditioning system that could meet the mixed demands of the users of the stand, both sports and corporate. For obvious reasons, a quietly spoken radio broadcaster needs a different level of comfort to a committed Twenty/20 fan cheering on Surrey from a corporate box. In the broadcasting and press areas, highly effective but unobtrusive air conditioning was the order of the day. However, in the main bar and corporate hospitality rooms, a high degree of flexibility in the system would need to balance the widely fluctuating loads and conditions. Building services engineer for the project, Hiltons of Nottingham, recognised that a full cooling and heating solution would best meet the project requirements.

Having worked on a number of high-profile projects with specialist air conditioning distributor OceanAir, Hiltons contacted the company’s Managing Director, Tony Evanson to develop a solution. “Discussing the requirements of the Oval project, it quickly became clear that the SANYO product range offered the right mix of quality and performance and we specified their VRF solution,” explains Evanson. SANYO's ECOi 2-pipe range of ducted units with grilles and in-ceiling cassettes, combined with 28 outdoor units, were installed throughout the executive rooms, corporate hospitality facilities and control room. In addition, SANYO's ECOi 3-pipe was used in the press and broadcast rooms to offer the further benefit of simultaneous heating and cooling.

Steve Rush, project engineer at Hiltons comments: “The SANYO product suited our design in a number of areas, the main one being the confidence the suppliers bring to the table. With both this manufacturer and OceanAir, you are dealing with years of experience in the air conditioning trade - backed by the latest VRF inverter driven product. In addition SANYO provides a distinct advantage to the end user by ensuring the close monitoring of the ‘air off’ temperature – a feature OceanAir had alerted us to on a previous project. This combination proved to be a winning formula in the design of our ductwork for the project.”
Installation Challenges

There were a number of installation challenges to iron out - the main one being the profusion of structural steel beams. These beams provide support for the stand framework and do so without vertical beams. Although this ensures the best possible view from all areas of the stand, the knock-on effect is that it reduces space in the ceiling void. There was just no room within the ceiling structures to allow the passage of large ductwork and services. However, OceanAir specified the slim-profile of SANYO fan coil units which could accommodate the shallow ceiling voids without any problems at all.

As with pretty much all new construction projects nowadays, the OCS Stand had to meet all the latest relevant regulations – including part L2 of the building regulations and all appropriate environmental standards – and building services are no exception. The SANYO ECOi system uses 410a refrigerant, and combined with its inherent build quality, this ensured that all relevant performance, environmental and safety regulations for this installation were met. Another key factor in the specification of the air conditioning system was that some of the outdoor units were to be installed in the OCS Stand plant room. Tony Evanson explains, “The small, internal plant room has no windows and was already tightly packed with equipment. However, thanks to the ECOi system condensing units’ small footprint and their high static fans, we were able to install them indoors, with the addition of acoustic sleeves, thereby meeting this challenging aspect of the contract. Not to mention the incredibly tight time constraints. We were certainly put under pressure to meet the tight deadlines, but I’m very pleased that my team was successful in commissioning the entire air conditioning plant in less than four days.”

There’s no better feeling than walking into an air conditioned building on a hot summer’s day.

There’s no better feeling than walking into an air conditioned building on a hot summer’s day. For this reason you will always find that air conditioned buildings are always more popular during warm weather as it enables people to feel more comfortable and provides people with a more comfortable environment to be in. There is more to it than this for businesses however, and these days it is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity for businesses to have air conditioning installed. So why is this and how does air conditioning work?

The term air conditioning can actually refer to any form of air cooling, heating, ventilation or disinfection that changes the condition of the air. However, the term air conditioning as it commonly used is the process of taking the warm air from a room which is then dehumidified and cooled via an air conditioning unit and pumped out as cool air until the room has reached the desired temperature. Air conditioning units can also be used to heat a room as well as cool it, and output cleaner air as a result of filters which take dust and impurities from the air.

Apart from the ability to apply climate control to a room and make conditions altogether more comfortable, there is overwhelming evidence that having air conditioning in the workplace increases worker productivity. This makes perfect sense if you think about it, how many of us just don’t feel like working if a room is too hot or too cold?

Scientific experiments have been performed on this very subject that show that above 22 degrees worker performance starts to drop, and then falls very sharply above 26 degrees. For this reason it is important for businesses to try and keep a constant temperature in the workplace and a temperature of around 20 degrees is thought to be the optimum in terms of worker performance.

In addition scientists have also proved that more accidents will occur in extreme temperatures and that mental performance drops sharply when it is too warm. It is also true that air conditioned shop, restaurant and bar will get more customers than their non air conditioned rivals. So you can see that introducing air conditioning into your workplace can not only keep your workers happy but also can have a positive effect on revenue too!

Super Energy Efficiency Heat Pump Hitachi Summit Wall Air Conditioning RAS-25FH6 (2.5 kW / 9000 btu) Inverter

2.0kW / 6600Btu Heat pump Inverter Split Type Wall mounted Air conditioning System.
The New Hitachi Summit range is highly economical and environmentally friendly, using the latest compressor and inverter technology keeping power consumption minimal, but at the same time providing you with powerfull cooling and heating. High COP

Performance Improved
DC Inverter driven compressors and fans. Enhanced inverter performance and system performance are achieved by the addition of a ‘Direct Current’ drive, resulting in up to 10% more efficient than standard 'AC' (Alernating Current) Systems.

The variable speed compressor(inverter) enables the system to rapidly reach the desired room temperature setting. Once the desired room temperature has been achieved the compressor rotation speed is reduced, saving up to 30% in energy usage (when compared to standard fixed speed systems)

Product Key Feature's

* High CoP, up to record 4.31
* Infra-red controller
* Slim construction 205mm
* Pipe runs up to 20 meters
* Low noise 44dBA on low
* Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
* Fault diagnosis
* Auto re-start after power interruption
* PRE-CHARGED WITH REFRIGERANT for up to 20 metres pipe length
* Cleaner and healthier air with ion generator incorporated in indoor unit.
* Light weight noise absorbing outdoor unit

RAS Wall Mounted RAS-18FH6
Power source 1 ph 240V
Type Inverter rotary
COOLING (nominal) max. kW 2.0 / 6600 BTU
HEATING (nominal) max. kW 2.5 / 8250 BTU
UK Cooling (max) kW 2.5 / 8250 BTU
UK Heating (max) kW 3.2 / BTU 10600
Fuse Rating 16A
E.E.R. n/a
Energy label in heating A
Energy label in cooling A
C.o.P 4.31
ECA - Yes

Indoor Unit

Exterior dimensions (mm) 280 x 780 x 205
Net weight kg 9.5
Air flow rate* (cooling) (m3//min) 7.3/6.7/5.8
Air flow rate* (heating) (m3//min) 8.0/7.0/5.8
Hitachi Summit, Hitachi air conditioning, Hitachi air conditioning RAS range

Outdoor Unit

Exterior dimensions (mm) 548 x 750 x 288
Net weight kg 35
Power Source Rating MCB A 15A
Refrigerant max piping length m 20
Pipe sizes - 1/4" x 3/8"

Hitachi Summit, Hitachi air conditioning, Hitachi air conditioning RAS range

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Care for people and the environment. Providing highly efficient, energy-saving air conditioning with Fujitsu S series Multi units

Building air conditioning developed to care for people and the environment
Providing highly efficient, energy-saving operation.
Non-inverter system free of electrical noise emissions.

Features ( Cooling Only & Heat Pump Series )

A high-performance operating system utilising innovative triple high-efficiency compressors and advanced refrigerant flow control technology (Power Balance Technoligy).
The result is superior energy savings and impressively low operating noise.
Capable of connecting up to 13 ( 22.4kW ) or 16 ( 28kW ) indoor units to one outdoor unit.
Employs environmentally friendly R407C refrigerant.
Features ( Heat Recovery Series )

A high-performance operating system utilising innovative triple high-efficiency compressors and advanced refrigerant flow control technology (Power Accumulation Technology).
With heat recoverry operation, cooling and heating can be performed simultaneously and automatically within the same refrigerant system.
This approach provides maximum energy efficencies.
Capable of connecting up to 16 ( 28kW ) indoor units to one outdoor unit.
Employs environmentally friendly R407C refrigerant.

Fujitsu air conditioning Supply and installation of multi air conditioning system for buildings “AIRSTAGE®” to “Jinan High-Tech Industrial Development

Fujitsu General Central Air-conditioner (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (100% owned by FG, hereinafter “FGCA”) contracted the supply and installation of multi air conditioning system for buildings “AIRSTAGE®” (273 systems consisting of 273 outdoor units and 1,399 indoor units) to “Shandong Steel Group Headquarter Building” which was constructed in the third stage construction area of “Jinan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone”, Jinan City, Shandong, China. The installation work will start in October. In the same development zone, we have concluded the contract of order and supply of total about 1,200 systems for 3 years along with the first and second stages.
China is the world biggest market of air conditioners accounting for 37% of the world market with 26.74 million sets in the combined total of home use and commercial use in 2009. Among them, the market of multi air conditioners for buildings is rapidly expanding as the construction of buildings is progressing at high speed because of the development of urban area and the public capital investment measures in the scale of 4 trillion yuen (about 54 trillion yen) for 2 years were put forward by the Chinese government last year as economic stimulus measures.
Along with the improving quality of life supported by high economic growth, the demand for the comfort and energy-saving performance of air conditioners due to environmental issues and electricity shortage is increasingly heightening.
In the office building development work in Jinan City, Shandong which started in 2008, FGCA acquired order, in strong cooperation with the distributor, for the installation of air conditioning facility for buildings in the first stage construction in September, 2008 and delivered 348 systems in March this year and also received order for 594 systems in the second stage construction which started in September 2,009, delivery of which will be completed in December this year. Together with the order this time, total about 1,200 systems will be delivered for 3 years. This is as a result of the evaluation of the energy-saving performance, past sales record and high quality installation and after-sale service setup with quick follow-up of the multi air conditioning system for buildings “AIRSTAGE®” as well as the reliability acquired by the installation for the first stage construction.
The “AIRSTAGE®” we supplied this time can make adjustment of room temperature for the floors and rooms in the building individually and provide comfortable room environment. Also, by adopting the centralized control system, collective centralized control of all outdoor units and indoor units became available and the optimization of the air conditioning of the whole building and the reduction of the consumption of electricity have been realized.
FG group will aim to further expand business in the future by offering energy-saving and comfortable room environment in the market of multi air conditioning system for buildings in China.

1st stage construction area
No.8 Tower, Shuntai Square (Left)

2nd stage construction area
IT Industry R & D and Production Complex (Front)
Software R & D and Production Complex (Back)

3rd stage construction area (for which we acquired order this time)
Shandong Steel Group Headquarter Building

Fujitsu donated total about 4.5 million yen as a relief money to the Australian Government through FUJITSU GENERAL (AUST.)

We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to the sufferers of the flood disaster occurred in the State of Queensland, Australia and the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil due to the abnormal weather in the Southern Hemisphere from the latter half of December last year and sincerely hope for the earliest possible restoration of the suffered area.

Fujitsu General Group donated total about 4.5 million yen as a relief money to the Australian Government through FUJITSU GENERAL (AUST.) PTY LIMITED and the Brazilian Red Cross through FUJITSU GENERAL DO BRASIL LTDA. for the sympathy to the sufferers of the disaster and support for the restoration.

Our inverter air conditioners are maintaining high market share in Australia and Brazil.
In Australia, we are supporting sales to the whole area of Australia through the sales network of 5 sales braches of FUJITSU GENERAL (AUST.) and in Brazil, we are expanding the sales of inverter air conditioners since 2008.
Company name :
Managing Director :
Kenji Shimizu
Number of employees :
Head office location :
Eastern Creek Drive, Eastern Creek NSW 2766 Australia
Capital :
100% by Fujitsu General Limited
Line of business :
Sales and maintenance service of room air conditioners and packaged air conditioners in Australia.
Established :
Company name :
President :
Katsuya Fujii
Number of employees :
Head office location :
Rua Treze de Maio, 1633-2º andar - Bela Vista São Paulo, SP, CEP 01327-905 Brasil
Capital :
100% by Fujitsu General Limited
Line of business :
Sales and maintenance service of room air conditioners and packaged air conditioners in Brazil and other South American countries.
Established :

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning New Low Cost Web Controller That Punches Above Its Weight

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new air conditioning web-based controller to replace the “Baby” GB-50 and offer users high level control and energy monitoring functionality. The controller is aimed at the more cost and environmentally conscious end users in these times of austerity and energy conservation.

The new GB50ADA is the latest web-based group controller from Mitsubishi Electric and offers much of the functionality previously only available in the more advanced touch screen AG150A controller, but at a significantly lower price.

The new controller is compatible with the full range of Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioning products such as City Multi, Mr Slim and M Series product ranges. It also supports the latest Windows 7 operating system and can control up to 50 indoor units or groups.

“There are occasions where buildings do not require the full scope of advanced controls provided by the AG150A, and there are also applications where not having a touch screen interface on the controller provides a good level of security against unauthorised use, and this new model recognises both of these applications,” explains Philip Ord, Product Marketing Manager for Mitsubishi Electric’s range of air conditioning products.

With easy connection to the Internet and full group control, the energy use of the outdoor units can be controlled efficiently and the energy usage monitored. Support for third-party pulse meters also allows other building services to be monitored in real time.

Advanced annual scheduling allows for two different seasonal settings (summer and winter) and both fan speed and air direction can also be set.

The new GB50ADA web controller comes with additional functions including optimised start – which enables the system to reach setpoint temperature in a faster and more responsive way – refrigerant gas volume status check, USB memory backup and restore, outdoor ambient temperature interlocking, night setback (night-time low energy mode) and interlock control which can be used for interlocking related third party equipment with the air conditioning system.

“Building owners are looking for ways to control costs and this new model brings together a number of useful facilities that let people monitor trends and identify where savings can be made,” adds Ord. “The Internet is now part of everyday life and it allows us to offer our customers advanced energy monitoring so that they can be sure that their system is always optimised for performance and energy use.”

The new intelligent GB50ADA controller learns how long it takes to reach a set temperature, so it is no longer necessary to switch on the air conditioning two hours before it is needed. Automatic setpoint adjustment also takes into account seasonal effects so that the indoor temperature works in line with actual outdoor temperatures to provide greater levels of comfort.

Advanced night set back allows the temperature for each indoor unit to be as low as 12°C, with the relevant unit restarting if the temperature drops below this preset level. The controller also has an in-built refrigerant status check which can be activated to check the City Multi outdoor units.

“We have listened carefully to our customers and are continuously striving to bring them low cost but advanced controllers that increase information and control,” says Ord. “This new unit will allow more organisations to get a grip on their energy use in a more advanced way than before.”

Poseidon Patio heater with Media Player (as seen on Dragons Den)

Poseidon Patio heater with Media Player (as seen on Dragons Den)

The Poseidon’s stunning contemporary slim-line design stands 6.5 feet tall and has a robust all metal design suitable for domestic and commercial spaces such as gardens, patios, balconies, garages, pubs, smoking areas, clubs and bars. Poseidon's patented carbon fibre heating tubes significantly reduce running costs and cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 50% compared with gas patio heaters.
Poseidon media player is a unique patio heater innovation that takes outdoor entertainment / advertising to a NEW level. The IPX5 weatherproof media player features a super bright high resolution LCD display that is perfect for all your videos, pictures and music. Audio is also catered for via the inbuilt speakers. The built in USB port enables you to run video and audio from your memory sticks. You can also plug in your MP3 players and i-pods using the 3.5 input socket.
The PIR economy feature enables the Poseidon patio heater to automatically switch on and off depending on activity near the unit. When enabled, the PIR sensor constantly monitors peoples’ movements up to a distance of 4 meters and if after 4 minutes it does not detect movement it will switch off. Thereafter, if the PIR sensor does detect movement it will automatically switch on at the original settings. This economy function optimises energy usage and minimises CO2 emissions even further than the 50% already indicated – making Poseidon the most efficient and eco-friendly heater in the world.
Instant heat with two heat settings - 1350W / 2700W. - the elements are replaceable & designed to last 8,000 hours. Far Infrared Electric heaters offer more focused heat, heating people rather than the air and emit zero CO2 exhaust gases unlike gas patio heaters. Far Infrared carbon fibre heating is used worldwide in hospitals for many problems as it is one of the most natural, versatile, and healthy form of heat. FIR heat helps maintain body vitality and increases metabolic function without side effects. Comes with a heavy-duty, all weather paint finish.
Easy Mobility: Built in rollers and pull handle facilitate easy mobility around patio areas. poseidon also features a storage compartment for tidy cable management.

The magnetic remote enables you to simply attach it to the body of the heater

Key Product Feature’s
· Robust all metal design
· Standard 220 - 240V electric (Also available as a 100-120V version)
· IPX5 weatherproof design.
· Latest carbon fibre heating technology to produce ‘far infrared heat’
· Instant heat with two heat settings - 1350W / 2700W
· Elements are replaceable & designed to last 8,000 hours.
· Effective heating area of up to 4 metres at 110 degree angle.
· No harmful fumes unlike most gas patio heaters.
· Safety tip-over & Auto reset thermal cut-off device
· Media player
· Carbon fibre heating
· PIR infrared sensor / Powerful 40W CFL low energy light with four position adjustable head.

Main body material


Power - Heat (kW)


Voltage (V)


Frequency (Hz)


Protection class I or II


Plug Amp (A)


Net weight - product (kg)


Gross weight - retail box (kg)


Gross weight - outer carton (kg)


Product dimensions (HxWxD cm)


Retail box dimensions - (HxWxD cm)


Ecobuild Focus Will Be On Both New Build and Retro-fit


Mitsubishi Electric is using the Ecobuild Show (1-3 March 2011, ExCel, London) to highlight the energy saving potential of advanced heating, cooling, ventilation and power generating equipment, whether for new build or retro-fit.

“We all know the importance of reducing energy consumption and the impact this can have on cutting fuel bills and there is a real potential to tackle the problem of existing buildings using advanced energy saving equipment,” explains Donald Daw, Mitsubishi Electric’s Commercial Director.

The company’s stand (S2030) will show off the latest developments in domestic and commercial heating, with the Ecodan® range of products that can help achieve renewable energy targets, cut fuel bills and provide reliable, renewable heating for almost any building. Ecodan provides low carbon heating and hot water, with domestic models available in 5kW; 8.5kW and 14kW units and the commercial range starting from 25kW.

Also on the stand will be advanced Photovoltaic (PV) Arrays which can not only lower overall power consumption but can also help generate an income through the Government’s Feed In Tariff (FIT) by selling excess energy back to the grid.

Mitsubishi Electric is unique in the world of PV because it manufacturers all of the individual components – the cells, the panels and the inverters – and is also the first manufacturer in the UK to develop a complete PV Pack, designed specifically for residential properties with pitched roofs.

As our homes become more energy efficient and air tight, ensuring appropriate ventilation is increasingly important and the company will be showcasing its DC Lossnay heat recovery ventilation system, which addresses the need to provide energy efficient ventilation to well-insulated modern homes.

One of the major advantages of the Lossnay system is that in summer, when houses have heated up during the day, a special bypass mode can be used to bring in cool fresh air at night, eliminating the need for mechanical cooling.

Mitsubishi Electric has taken a stance against any major growth of air conditioning for the UK’s homes because it is unnecessary and unsustainable.

In the commercial sector though, the company is a strident advocate of the increased use of advanced air conditioning to provide energy efficient buildings with a comfortable internal environment. On the stand will be the new City Multi YJM-A outdoor unit which offers some of the highest levels of efficient simultaneous heating and cooling available.

“Legislation is increasingly driving the way we use energy in our buildings and rising fuel prices mean that there has never been a better time to find ways of improving things,” explains Daw. “With this comprehensive range, we are providing energy efficient equipment that can help achieve this.”

Neptune 2.3kw Patio heater with magnetic remote control (as seen on Dragons Den)

Neptune 2.3kw Patio heater with magnetic remote control (as seen on Dragons Den)

As seen on BBC's Dragons Den! "This is the future of patio heating" Peter Jones

The Neptune patio heater is the biggest of the range and comes with built in light and energy saving movement sensor (PIR) as standard to switch off and on when people are present. The Neptune is completely water proof and ideal for gardens and terraces. Includes remote control and optional zip up weatherproof storage cover. The Neptune patio heater has two stages of heating and is coated in hammerite paint for heavy duty protection. The Neptune patio heater comes with a 2 year warranty.

Key product Features:

* IPX5 outdoor rated - (outside and exposed to direct water whilst turned on)
* 2 heat settings
* Built in light
* Full remote control
* Movement sensor (PIR) to switch unit on & off when people not present
* Rollers on base for easy mobility
* Auto tip over power cut-out
* Optional zipped cover for storage
* Heavy duty protective hammerite coated


* Dimensions HxDxW: 178 x 50 x 50 cm
* Weight: 29kg
* Voltage: 220V-240V / 50Hz
* Cable length 1.8M
* Heating power: 2 settings -1150W & 2300W
* Lamp power: 25W
* Warranty: 2 years

Zeus 2.8kw Patio heater with 40w light and magnetic remote control (as seen on Dragons Den)

Zeus 2.8kw Patio heater with 40w light and magnetic remote control (as seen on Dragons Den)

As seen on BBC's Dragons Den!

The Zeus 2.8kw Patio heater with 40w light and magnetic remote control is a new way to heat a patio area instead of using gas systems.Designed for the commercial market it also incorpartes a 40w low energy light on top with a energy saving PIR sensor and zipped cover for transit and weather protection. Effective heating area of up to 4 metres at 110 degree angle with no harmful fumes unlike most gas patio heaters. The unit has a economy feature which will turn the heater off after 4 minutes if no-one is present. The Zeus patio heater was featured on Dragons Den.

Key Product Features:

* 2.8KW Heating
* 40W CFL low energy light & 4 position adjustable head
* PIR sensor
* Economy feature - will turn the heater off after 4 minutes if no-one is present
* safety tip-over & thermal cut-out protection
* IPX5 Weatherproof design - Zipped cover also for transit and weather protection
* Magnetic remote control - attached to side of unit.
* Effective heating area of up to 4 metres at 110 degree angle.
* No harmful fumes unlike most gas patio heaters.
* Coated with heavy duty, hammered outdoor paint for long lasting protection.
* Rollers for easy mobility


Main body material


Power - Heat (kW)


Voltage (V)


Frequency (Hz)


Protection class I or II


Plug Amp (A)


Net weight - product (kg)


Gross weight - retail box (kg)


Gross weight - outer carton (kg)


Product dimensions (HxWxD cm)


Retail box dimensions - (HxWxD cm)


Dura 7 + Swimming Pool Air Heat Pump Heater (7 kw / 24000 Btu) Low Operating Temperature

Dura 7 + Swimming Pool Air Heat Pump Heater (7 kw / 24000 Btu)

DURATECH® heat pumps utilize the sun’s free heat by collecting and absorbing energy from the outside air. This energy is then transferred to the pool water. Your existing pool pump circulates the water through the heater and warms the pool. The unit contains a fan that draws in outside air and directs it over the surface of the EVAPORATOR (energy collector). The liquid refrigerant within the EVAPORATOR coil absorbs the heat from the outside air and the refrigerant becomes a gas. The warm gas passes through the compressor where it is compressed to form a very hot gas, which then passes through the CONDENSOR (water heat exchanger). It is here that the heat exchange occurs as the hot gas gives up the heat to the cooler swimming pool water circulating through the coil. The pool water becomes warmer and the hot gas is cooling down as it flows through the CONDENSOR coil, returns to its liquid form and, after passing through the expansion valve, the whole process begins again. The use of a highly efficient, low sound rotary or scroll compressor, a low noise fan and an oversized heat exchanger, makes the unit to be extremely quiet in operation. Example: the DURA 8 at 10m distance gives only 32 db(A). The Dura range comes in two formats the standard and Dura+ range, the key differences being the Dura+ range will work down to a lower outside temperature -10*c and have a higher COP range over their operating temperature.

Key Product Feature's:

# Model: Dura 7+ (Output 7KW)
# Works down to outside air temperature -10*c
# Maximum pool volume 30 m3
# COP @ air temperature 25*c = 5.8
# Volts 220-240V single phase
# Maximum input current 6.5 amps
# Noise level 50db
# Refrigerant R410A
# Nominal water flow m3/h = 3
# Water connections 50mm
# Dimensions: L905, W420, H650
# Weight 55Kg

The unit is intelligently designed and remarkably compact for easy installation. The heat pump has to be installed on a by-pass after the filtration pump. : The unit is intelligently designed and remarkably compact for easy installation. The heat pump has to be installed on a by-pass after the filtration pump.

The integrated microprocessor monitors all the sensors and controls the device without any intervention of the user. Electronic display and control with easy operation is standard. The integrated flow switch will sense the water flow and automatically start the heater when the pool pump starts and stops when the pump shuts off. The integrated microprocessor monitors all the sensors and controls the device without any intervention of the user.

Music Studio Air Conditioning Kit

This is a complete installation kit for music studio air conditioning

Includes the following:

• 1 x Fujitsu air conditioning heat pump inverter ducted unit ARY18L
• 1 x Infra-red remote controller
• 6m x Pipe work for indoor and outdoor unit + cable + wall bracket
• 20 m Attenuated noise reducing insulated ducting
• 1 x Return Grille
• 3 x diffuser outlets and fixing collars
• 3 x Spigot outlets for air conditioning unit

For Music production studio air conditioning noise attenuation is the key to successful low initial Db levels we recommend the Fujitsu ARY ducted air conditioning units. We have provided many music studios with these units which have proved to be very quiet once installed. Perfect for areas where you want concealed air conditioning. Units can be seated upright for floor based applications or mounted above a ceiling. Fujitsu have developed the DC inverter system with a circuit V-Ram. The result is a reduced sized DC compressor which, in addition to providing greater performance, allows the appliance to heat up efficiently even when the outside temperature is very low. Unlike conventional systems, the Fujitsu inverter technology adapts the speed of the compressor to the needs of each moment, consuming only the energy required. This allows temperature swings to be reduced drastically and maintains a margin of between ±0,5ºC, providing greater room temperature stability and comfort.

Ultra compact units

These low-profile models (21.7 cm in models of up to 5,400 W and 27 cm in models of up to 14,000 W) are also extremely compact as the junction box is built into the side of the unit.

More convenient maintenance

To facilitate the maintenance of the units as much as possible, the structure of the base has been divided into two pieces (front and rear). In addition, the position of the fan has also been developed in 2 pieces (one higher and one lower).

Product Key Feature's

• High CoP, up to record 4.19
• Infra-red controller
• Slim construction 217mm
• Pipe runs up to 25 metres
• Noise – 28dBA on low
• Back-up switch for loss of controller
• Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
• Fault diagnosis
• Auto re-start after power interruption
• PRE-CHARGED WITH REFRIGERANT for up to 10 metres pipe length
• With “Power Diffuser” effect for greater comfort.
• Automatic cleaning function.
• Cleaner and healthier air with ion generator incorporated in indoor unit.
• Low ambient tested to -15 Deg/C in heating.
• M a x i m u m i n s t a l l a t i o n v e r s a t i l i t y
• R e m o t e c o n t r o l w i t h t h e r m o s e n s o r
• Light weight noise absorbing outdoor unit.

ASY Wall Mounted ARY18L
Power source 1 ph 240V
Type Inverter rotary DC
COOLING (nominal) max. kW 5.2 / 17000 BTU
HEATING (nominal) max. kW 6.2 / 18000 BTU
UK Cooling (max) kW n/a
UK Sensible Cooling kW n/a
E.E.R. n/a
Energy label in heating C
Energy label in cooling C
C.o.P 3.26
ECA - Yes


Exterior dimensions (mm) 595 x 953 x 217
Net weight kg 25
Sound Pressure Level* dB(A) (F/M/S/Q) 34//31/28/


Exterior dimensions (mm) 650 x 830 x 320
Net weight kg 54
Power Source Rating MCB A 15A
Refrigerant max piping length m 25
Pre-charged with 10m refrigerant R410a
Sound Pressure Level* dB(A) - 49
Pipe sizes - 1/4" / 1/2"

This installation also includes the following:
Pipe kit For KFR-51GW/X1c (1/2" + 1/4") Pipe kit For KFR-51GW/X1c (1/2" + 1/4")
30 meters x 150mm ducting with 4 x 150mm difusers set 30 meters x 150mm ducting with 4 x 150mm difusers set
Spigot outlet for Fujitsu Air Conditioning ARY ducted unit

Thursday, 10 February 2011

High Velocity Drum Fan DF30DVS 30" Dual Voltage

High Velocity Drum Fan DF30DVS 30" Dual Voltage 110v + 240v with 3 fan speeds

A three blade drum fan in metal finish. Multi directional dispersion of air by with 360 degree adjustment. Automatic overheat shut off for safety. A powerfull 295 Watt motor and 3 speed fan adjustment makes this a powerfull drum fan.

Key Products:

Power (W) 210 ~ 250
Voltage (V) 110 ~ 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Plug Amp (A) 13
Class type I
Net weight ‐product (kg) 18.4
Gross weight ‐retailbox (kg) 21.85
Retail box dimensions ‐(HxWxD mm) 920 x 910 x 270
Product dimensions ‐(HxWxDmm) 908 x 900 x 250
Fan speeds 3
Airflow Volume (m³) 250
Brand name Sahara
Bar code 5060215200096

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Is it in the Governments or Energy companies interest to reduce CO2 or let you 'do it yourself" with MCHP units?

Is it in the Governments or Energy companies interest to reduce CO2 or let you 'do it yourself" with MCHP units?

Someone raised a good point on a forum which was whether it was in the governments or energy companies interest to reduce CO2? They are obligated to reduce CO2 are they not? Is it in the energy companies interest for you to reduce fuel usage? Is it their intension to let energy prices spiral so much people are forced to except fuel efficient equipment with the massive initial financial outlay and sell half the energy at 2x the price. Interesting thought with bulging populations.

But why do they seem keen on solar?

The payback is at least 10 years and the returns to be honest are so small it may give goverments time to sort out there energy policy and the taxation from energy being sold at record prices and amounts. Small wind turbines arnt even worth the bother. Air heat pumps or Fuel Cell Boilers (not released in many parts of the world) are the only option for some people now. Air heat pumps are now capable of DHW/CH and have a high COP (1kW electricity usage for 6kW heat output). With micro fuel cell CHP units you get domestic hot water, heating and 2 kw of electricty output to grid tie or sell back to the grid with efficiency's of 60% (current record). Unfortunatly the government have decided to offer a reduce the sell back price on MCHP units (Ceramic Fuel Cells Bluegen) to 0.08/kw verses 0.20p/kw for solar. Is this due to lost tax revenues? Interesting thought with bulging populations and increased energy usage. Time to act on CO2? Or lose taxation?

SE2200A Microphone including Suspension Mount and Reflection Filter Pro Bundle

Designed by a team of extremely experienced engineers and verified by extensive listening tests, each SE2200A Microphone utilises gold sputtered, ultra-light mylar diaphragms in an advanced capsule design. The SE 2200A Microphone is constructed using the finest quality Japanese electronic components and extensively tested to provide you with years of trouble-free operation. Every SE2200A Microphone comes with an individual frequency response plot. The SE2200A tube microphone use traditional, high voltage tube circuitry to ensure thetrue vintage tube sound. This is in contrast to many cost saving tube designs where the tube is run at a very low operating voltage so as to introduce deliberate distortion which their designers hope to pass off as warmth. Whereas most vintage mic tubes are hard to find and extremely expensive, The SE2200A Microphone uses commonly available high performance tubes that are specially selected and matched for low noise operation.

There are two basic microphone directional patterns, omni-directional, which picks up sound equally from all directions, and figure-of-eight, which picks up from both the front and rear of the microphone but not from the sides. Combining these two basic patterns creates a cardioid or directional response, which simply means the SE2200A Microphone is most sensitive in one particular direction. By varying the way in which the omni-directional and figure-of-eight patterns are combined, varying widths of cardioid pattern can be created.

Key Product Features:

Transformer-balanced microphone
Supplied with with metal shock mount cradle and aluminum flight case
High SPL capability at 130dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: 14.1mV/Pa -37 +/- 1.5dB
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Impedance: < 50 Ohms
Equivalent Noise Level: 17dB(A weighted)
Max SPL for 0.5% THD@1000Hz: 125dB
Power Requirement: Phantom power 48V +/- 4V
Connector: 3-pin XLR

SE-2200A Microphone
Supplied with with metal shock mount cradle and aluminum flight case
Includes Suspension Mount
Reflection Filter

Sunware SW3064 12V 36 watt Marine Module

SunWare solar modules are designed and tested specifically for use in marine and salt water.The modules are completely maintenance free, durable, and weatherproof. Even under extreme exposure to UV rays whether in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean,or the North Sea SunWare solar modules are always a reliable partner. Their distinctive feature: all 12V standard solar modules are designed with 40 cells. Consequently, SunWare solar modules can be fitted without rear ventilation.Thus, any voltage drop due to high outside temperatures is compensated by the 4 additionally integrated cells to enable a full recharge of the battery.
The back of the module is completely flat so that it can be screwed or glued flush to the deck. SunWare standard solar modules should always be fitted to a firm, inflexible surface. The modules can be fitted flat to deck surfaces with a curving of up to 3%. Due to the extremely flat module structure, the module only adds 3mm, and 15mm at the cable outlet. The 3m PU sheathed cable is robust, UV resistant and weatherproof. To reduce the risk of slipping in wet conditions, the module surface is slightly structured. Within the scope of constant quality control, each individual module is tested and calibrated prior to delivery.

Model SW-3064
Voltage at Pmax [v] 24
Current at Pmax [wattpeak] 36
Open Circuit Voltage [V] 24.0
Short Circuit Current [A] 1.8
Length [mm] 638
Width [mm] 459
Depth of Jnct Box [mm] 30
Weight [Kg] 4.5
Cell Size [mm]
52 x 105
Max. system voltage 12
Operating Temp -40… +90 °C
Cabel [qmm] 2 x 1,5
Drill hole [mm]
4 pieces, D=5,5

Air Conditioning Pipe kit For KFR-51GW/X1c (1/2" + 1/4")

Air Conditioning Pipe kit For KFR-51GW/X1c (1/2" + 1/4")

2 meter Pipe kit For (1/4" and 1/2" units)

1/2" and 1/4" pipe and insulation with pre-flared ends

Toshiba RAV-SM1403MUT-E (12.3kW / 40600Btu) Inverter

Toshiba RAV-SM1403MUT-E (12.3kW / 40600Btu) Inverter

These products are ideal for small to medium sized commercial buildings such as offices, shops and restaurants. All systems are inverter driven, utilising R410A refrigerant and range in capacity from 1.5 to 12.5kW. Pure air and comfort in your working space succinctly define the requirements that an air-conditioning system must satisfy. Toshiba has applied its expertise to create the most efficient system that meets these requirements with even greater sophistication and efficiency than ever before.

Key Features

  • Model suits 840x840mm fits between 4 tiles in ceiling grid
  • High EER, low annual power consumption
  • Low height single fan outdoor units
  • Cooling operation down to -15°C ambient
  • R22 replacement technology (3 series outdoor units only)
  • High CoP, up to record 4.51
  • Wired remote controller
  • Slim construction 319mm
  • Pipe runs up to 50 meters
  • Low noise 30dBA on low
  • Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Auto re-start after power interruption
  • PRE-CHARGED WITH REFRIGERANT for up to 30 metres pipe length
  • Cleaner and healthier air with ion generator incorporated in indoor unit.
  • Light weight noise absorbing outdoor unit

Technical Data

RAV Cassette RAV-SM1403MUT-E
Power source 1 ph 240V
Type Inverter rotary
COOLING (nominal) max. kW 12.3 / 40600 BTU
HEATING (nominal) max. kW 14.0 / 46200 BTU
UK Cooling (max) kW 13.2 / 43560 BTU
UK Heating (max) kW 16.0 / 52800 BTU
Fuse Rating 16A
E.E.R. n/a
Energy label in heating A
Energy label in cooling A
C.o.P 3.61
ECA - Yes


Exterior dimensions (mm) 256 x 840 x 840
Net weight kg 28
Air flow rate* (cooling) (m3//min) 34 / 38 / 47
Air flow rate* (heating) (m3//min) 53 / 54


Exterior dimensions (mm) 795 x 900 x 320
Net weight kg 77
Power Source Rating MCB A 20A
Refrigerant max piping length m 50
Pipe sizes - 3/8" x 5/8"