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Server room portable air conditioning with auto-restart

A server room or continuos use / stand alone applications air conditioning system should either recycle the condensate water or pump it outside.

Look for a quiet operation with high power with exhaust hose and advanced control features such as power restart after power outage. A unit which has no need for continually emptying condensate water bucket (as associated with budget mobile air conditioning) as it recycles the water for a better cooling performance or pumps it out of the building with the hose which is usualy around 100mm to 300mm on larger portable air conditioning. This makes it ideal for use in server rooms or continuos use/stand alone applications. A mono-block air conditioning unit with a category "A" energy product with non-chlorine based refrigerant such as R410a / R407C and a efficient rotary compressor. portable units come with remote control and most 1 years warranty. Exhaust tube size usually 2 meters long and ducting accessories all included with some models. We sell the RCM4000 and the AB7082 E-mail:

Advise on server room air conditioning:

  • Use inverter air conditioning as it will save energy in the long run.

  • Cheap air conditioning units do not work in cold weather because they do not have a outside fan speed controller (low ambient kit)

  • Use a established brand so if a part fails on you Server room air conditioning you are not waiting 8 weeks for a part.

  • Sometimes it is worth having two server room air conditioning units because if one fails you still have some cooling.

  • To establish the heat load of you servers add up all the power supplies of your servers rack and assume a 40% loss to heat. i.e- If you have 10 servers with 400watt power supply the total watts will be 4000 watts. assuming a 40% loss the heat load will be 1600 watts.

  • Work on a average watts per/Msq of 125watts, so if you server room is 5 x 5 meters you will require a base of 3.5kw/12000btu + the heat load.

  • Advised manufactures for server room air conditioning Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu, Sanyo

  • Always use auto-restart units for server room air conditioning units as power failures can shut budget air conditioning down. Take a look at the Portable air conditioning unit RCM4000 (14000 Btu / 4.0 kW).

  • If your server room is temporary (ie short term lease on building) or has building restrictions then Portable / Mobile air conditioning maybe your only option.

  • If using portable air conditioning for your server room then make sure it recycles the water for better cooling performance of that it has a integral condensate pump.

  • Use a established business who will not be going out of business for your server room air conditioning installation as the warranty of the air conditioning is with the supplier not the manufacturer.

Server room air conditioning case study:

A existing client was using a old fixed speed units for their server room air conditioning which was in need of re-newel. We advised using a Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial - SRK71ZE-S1 Wall Mounted (7.1kW 24000 Btu) hyper inverter. These wall air conditioning units are hyper efficient with a cat A energy product label and designed for continual use which many server room air conditioning units require. The old fixed speed units used lots of energy because of the start current as associated with big inductive loads with fixed speed air conditioning. The Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial - SRK71ZE-S1 Wall Mounted (7.1kW 24000 Btu) hyper inverter saved money in the long run and as it is so robust will last.

Further information on server room air conditioning:

As all server room operators know, servers and coms give off a lot of heat! and need to be constantly cooled otherwise they could overheat and shut down causing major problems for businesses.

It is advised when purchasing air conditioning units for server rooms to have energy efficient inverter systems. Generally server room air conditioning will run 24 hours / 7 days a week and the inverter will save energy and equipment failure. Generally cooling is only required but in the UK most systems are heat pump type which heat and cool.

Don't be left with your pants down when your server room air conditioning fails.

Fixed speed systems rarely come with a low ambient kit so if the temperature gets to cold outside then the unit will not cool properly which is a common fault in UK cold winters. The cheaper units also have issues with parts so if your unit breaks down the part required may take weeks to source. That's why it is worth buying up to date systems to future proof your server room cooling.

We offer a complete service to IT Managers, Building Managers and Server Room / Computer / COMS room managers. Call us for a comprehensive quotation on varied air conditioning manufactures to suit any budget on new installations.

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